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Prey Release Time On PS4, Xbox One, And PC; Pre-Load Now Available

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Prey Release
Source: Prey – Official Gameplay Trailer – Version 2 | Another Yu video

Arkane Studios’ Prey is scheduled to be released this coming May 5. Fans are already scrambling around for early copies or waiting to start their digital pre-load. Arkane Studios hasn’t announced a definite release time schedule which means it should be unlocked as early as midnight.

Release Times

As seen on the Prey Facebook and Twitter pages, Arkane Studios has yet to reveal any exact release time schedule for each region. Since the game is scheduled to be released on May 5, the game will potentially be unlocked by midnight. Fans can await Prey to be accessible on these following times on May 5.

  • 12am Eastern Time
  • 5am British Summer Time
  • 2pm Australia Easter Standard Time

Preloading On All Platforms

Players who’ve bought a digital copy of Prey can now start the preload on their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Steam client on PC. The Prey Demo was already 13GB in size which means the full game will be more than that. A 2-day download window may be difficult for some players that don’t have the best internet connection. Make sure to pre-load as soon as possible to start playing as early as the first minute of May 5.

Day One Patch

Prey also has a Day One patch that’s around 1.3 GB which could get in the way of excited players. Gigagaia’s thread on the Prey subreddit confirms tweaks and bug fixes in this patch will affect enemies, weapons, powers, chipsets, the player character, and general gameplay. Fans will have to be patient to start playing Prey on May 5 as soon as possible.

Prey Gameplay

In Prey, players will take control of Morgan Yu as he tries to stop unknown creatures from reaching Earth after they took over their Police Station. The enemies in this game are a mix of Ridley Scott’s Aliens and John Carpenter’s The Thing where you are attacked by “black matter from outer space” that can shapeshift. These enemies can shapeshift into anything, which encourages players to watch their steps

Trailers generally suggest that players will have to help Yu in his quest to stop the black matter from reaching Earth at any means necessary.  More than its story, players will also be granted with a similar shape shifting power as the enemies and arsenal of tools and guns to fight against them. Aside from shapeshifting, players can also pick Morgan’s gender during the start of the game. For now, we can only wait for May 5 to finally start playing the game.

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