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Prey New Game Plus Option Is Badly Needed

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prey demo
The demo of Prey is available in some countries. [Image from Steam]

Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s Prey turned out to be one amazing survival horror game and it offered a short but sweet experience to those who bought it. The game allows players to do an array of things and players have the freedom to go about the game whichever way they like. Despite hosting amazing features, the game seems to lack one important gameplay feature and it badly needs it as soon as possible.

After finishing the main campaign of Prey, players are most likely looking for a New Game+ option but oddly enough, it’s visibly absent in the game. There are a few good reasons why the game badly needs a New Game+ option and Arkane Studios should consider patching it in soon.

Alternate Endings

Prey has not one but two endings. If players want to see a different ending than the one they achieved in their first playthrough, they’ll have to start over from scratch. Repeating the entire process of the game without any carry overs from the previous playthrough feels like a bothersome task and a few players might opt to just view videos of the different endings instead. While players can approach the game in multiple ways with a different character build, some prefer to continue improving their existing character in a new playthrough.

More Challenge

When developers add in a New Game+ option to their game, they almost often add in a new level of difficulty to the game. This is usually done by accordingly scaling enemy levels to make them harder to kill. The level cap is also adjusted. This gives players the chance to relive the experience once again but on a whole new level.

Arkane Studios’ shooter needs a New Game+ option as the game’s devoted fans are most likely looking for something more challenging the second time around.  It would give players the chance to continue building on the character they’ve already spent hours with.

Carryovers Are Needed

With the array of weapons and abilities in the game, it’s hard for players to unlock everything in one go. Without carryovers by starting out a new game, players are unlikely to unlock every possible upgrade in their second playthrough. If a New Game+ is added, then carryovers will do wonders for those players who want every weapon and ability of Morgan Yu at its full potential.

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