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Prey Multiplayer Mode Would Be A ‘Massive Endeavor’, Says Arkane Studios

prey multiplayer
Why doesn’t Prey have multiplayer? [Image taken from Steam]

After a questionable reboot that seems to have been received well, fans are curious about the lack of Prey multiplayer. Considering how the game is about survival and isolation, the fact that it won’t have multiplayer isn’t surprising at all. Still, with a number of single-player games adding some form of multiplayer in recent years, it feels like a statement.

During an interview with Fenix Bazaar, it was stated that adding multiplayer would be a massive endeavor for the team. The development team in Arkane Studio isn’t big enough to add a strong multiplayer mode for the game. “Adding multiplayer to a game is a massive endeavor. Our team would have to be much bigger, or we’d need to take much longer to make the game to support something like that,” said Arkane Studios lead designer Ricardo Bare.

It might sound disappointing to some, but having some kind of online multiplayer would have felt forced, given the theme. “That’s just not somewhere we wanted to go for Prey,” Bare said. 

The Power Of Arkane

Arkane has proven itself with games like Dishonored 2 and it’s predecessor, so they have a good reputation. The first game was solid, while the sequel was one of last year’s best stealth games, with a 50 GB demo that can be downloaded now. Overall, the reboot is in good hands and will hopefully be good.

The announcement of rebooted Prey has garnered a mixed reception from fans, but the demo has cooled some heads. Many have compared the demo to Half-Life, Portal, and Bioshock, which could lead to good things from the upcoming game. With the title coming out later this week, fans will be able to see if their suspicions were right.

Multiplayer Doesn’t Fix Everything

It’s worth pointing out that the questions for Prey multiplayer is a sad trend, since online multiplayer doesn’t fix everything. While the feature might fit some games, like Titanfall 2 and Overwatch, it wouldn’t work for the rebooted Prey game. Though the developers stated that a larger studio could help add multiplayer, not having it is a much better move.

Games like Mass Effect Andromeda have not benefitted from having multiplayer, so developers shouldn’t force the mode on certain titles. Maybe Arkane can add multiplayer in a future title of theirs, but most would prefer a fulfilling single-player experience. Dishonored is proof of this, since the game had no multiplayer, but was still a fun experience overall.

The Prey reboot is slated for a May 5 release and will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Interested players can download the demo now, though it is a whopping 13 GB. Soon enough, everyone will know if the reboot was a good idea or not.

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