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Prey Gameplay Trailer At QuakeCon 2016: Combat, Shadow Monsters, Release Date, And More Revealed

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During Quakecon 2016, Bethesda finally unveiled some brand new Prey gameplay. Teased back in E3 2016, the game continues to distance itself from the original 2006 shooter with the same name, while still have a sci-fi aesthetic. This isn’t the sequel fans were hoping for, but it could still be a good game in its own right.

While the original Prey also had a sci-fi setting, it also had concepts of spirituality and space travel, which aren’t present in the new game. It seems like this shooter has already spoiled the intrigue from the E3 trailer, revealing that the previous footage was all in the player’s head, similar to The Matrix or Total Recall.

The new Prey gameplay looks similar to Dead Space and Alien: Isolation. This isn’t a bad thing, since the setting has plenty of atmosphere and feels like a horror game. The few shadow monsters seen in the game are genuinely chilling and should provide for some tense moments in the shooter.

Players aren’t really given much to go on, as the trailer is pretty ominous. The protagonist provides some creepy narration throughout the video, as we see him shoot some shadow monsters with a shotgun and travel around a space station that may have been torn apart by the enemy. The scene where a shadow monster attacks a crew member is very reminiscent of Dead Space. There is also a part later on where another member might be turning into a shadow monster.

Not the Prey you remember.

A line near the end has the mysterious protagonist saying ?to make this right, someone has to die.? This could mean that the player will attempt to take down who is responsible for this mess, which is hardly original, but could entertain fans that enjoy sci-fi horror. Here is hoping that the story has some sort of twist to it, because it doesn’t seem very original.

Once the Prey gameplay video starts to end, a vague 2017 release is announced. No actual date is given, so the only thing fans can do is wait for further announcements and that it will be released next year. Will it be just as good as the original? How does it stack up to the Quake and Dishonored 2 announcements? Only time will tell.

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