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Prey Game 2017: PC Release Quality To Be Better Than Dishonored 2’s Launch, Says Arkane Studios

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Fans do not know how to feel about the new Prey game 2017 reboot. Despite keeping the same name, fans were quick to point out that the game looked different from the original Prey. The fact that the original never received a sequel is also why fans have mixed feelings.

As if those reasons weren?t enough, it seems like Arkane has lost some fans from the PC gaming community. While console owners enjoyed Dishonored 2 since its release, PC gamers had to wait for a patch before having fun. Since the company is aware of the fiasco, they have stated that the new Prey will be ?flawless? when it comes to PC later this year.

Flawed Victories

During a video interview with Game Informer, Arkane co-creative director Raphael Colantonio promised a flawless PC release. While fans are weary of the Prey game 2017 release, this little statement is reassuring to PC gamers. There have been too many multi-platform releases where the PC version has suffered, and this needs to stop.

When asked how they would avoid the same pitfalls Dishonored 2 fell in, Colantonio brought up the game?s graphical engine. It?s completely different from the stealth game and ensures that the PC release will be just as good as the console versions. Admittedly, the promise is one any game developer would make, so fans should remain cautious until its release.

PC Prey

Though fans are nervous about the Prey game 2017 release, history might be on their side. The original Prey that came out in 2006 came out on PC and Xbox 360 just fine, so the same could happen with the reboot. Interestingly enough, this is the first time a Prey game will be coming to a Sony platform.

Now that there?s a promise for a good PC version, expectations have now been raised. Multi-platform games on PC have been disastrous in recent years, with Arkham Knight and Dishonored 2 as good examples. Here is hoping that the new Prey game breaks this curse, since it?s one that nobody should endure.

Published by Bethesda and developed by Arkane, the new Prey game 2017 reboot will be out this year. No official release date has been announced; just a promise that it will be out this year. Along with PC, it will also come to PS4 and Xbox One.

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