Prey Endings Guide: How To Get The Two Outcomes

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Prey's Morgan Looking At A Mirror
Main Protagonist Of Prey; Morgan [Image Courtesy Of Bethesda Official Website]

Arkane Studios recently launched Prey and a lot of players are currently enjoying everything the game has to offer. By now, a lot of players are possibly deep into the story already but the game doesn’t simply end. Players have to also think about the Prey endings before going through the entire game.

A lot of players are probably nearing the end of Arkane Studio’s Prey 2017 game, but before that, they should know that the game has two endings. The two Prey endings, A Mind Without Limits and Perdition, are completely different from each other. The methods in getting the Prey endings are different as well.

A Mind Without Limits

A Mind Without Limits is the simpler of the two Prey endings. First off, players should first have Morgan get the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter from Alex. Then, they should first watch the Typhon attack. During this, players should make their way towards Psychotronics through that Talos 1 Lobby while avoiding the Apex Tendrils. Once inside, players will need to head inside the Containment Chamber and proceed to the area from the Live Exam. There will be a wave of enemies on the way so coming in with full health is a must.

Once inside the micro-gravity section, the next destination is in the middle of the Coral. Once there, Morgan will need to place the Nullwave Transmitter in. Next is to meet Alex on the Talos I Bridge and then activate the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter. This will stop the Typhon on Talos I.

A Perdition

Like most scenarios in Prey, there are other ways to approach Typhon. Instead of getting the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter from Alex, players should shoot him instead to get the Armin Key and other things. Head to the Power Plant while avoiding the Apex Tendrils again.

Once inside the Power Plant, kill all enemies and then head to the ground floor and proceed to the marker on the map. There will be a panel to be used to open up a hatch to get to a console. This is where the Arming Keys come in.

Head to the Talos I Bridge and inside the Captain’s Loft to begin the self-destruction sequence. Players can choose to have Morgan die with Alex if they let the timer run out. If they don’t want to, they can simply escape using Alex’s Escape Pod but it requires the EP-101 keycard found in Alex’s room in the Crew Quarters.

Another thing players could do is to head to the Arboretum and into the Shuttle Bay. Head to Dahl’s command shuttle and join him in the cockpit to view the ending scene.

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