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Prey Demo Weighs Nearly 13GB, Now Live In Some Countries

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prey demo
The demo of Prey is available in some countries. [Image from Steam]

The new Prey demo is now available in certain countries and weighs in approximately 13 GB. It gives players the first hour of the game, so they can see if it’s worth a purchase or not. Considering the amount of skepticism surrounding the reboot, the demo is a good way to see first hand if it’s worth getting.

Reddit have confirmed that the demo is available in Australia and Europe for both the PS4 and Xbox One. Australia and Europe has it early due to their timezone, so the US still have to wait till April 27 to search for it manually.

A separate Reddit thread confirmed that the PS4 demo can be played when 8 GB of the demo has been downloaded. This is commonplace with most PS4 games that are purchased digitally.

Not Your Dad’s Prey

One fan in the forum praised the Prey demo, bringing up similarities to Half Life and Portal of all games. Those two games are considered masterpieces, so comparing an hour of gameplay to them is heavy praise indeed. Whether the full game lives up to the hype remains to be seen, but it’s good  to see praise for the demo.

Playing the demo is essential for those interested considering Bethesda is not rolling out early review copies for critics. According to GameRevolution, Bethesda will implement their review policy again like what they did to Dishonored 2 and Doom.

Prey That It’s Good

Fans of the original in 2006 were distraught to see a straight reboot, rather than a sequel to the original. Dealing with spiritual themes and alien attacks, the original game was considered a big successful first-person shooter that many enjoyed. It’s easy to see why the reboot has gotten a number of fans concerned, but the demo should give them a good idea of the gameplay.

Fans have a week to try the Prey demo before the full game launches to see if it’s worth a full priced purchase. The demo does take up a lot of space, so the hour should be a good one for the curious. Bethesda’s hoping the game becomes a hit with fans, since rebooting a game with no sequels is an odd move.

If the early comparisons to Half Life live continue throughout the game, fans won’t mind that it gets rebooted. Trailers and videos for the “new” game have been rather promising, as do the confirmed multiple endings for the game. Still, since it is a reboot, there will always be some that are skeptical of the game until it’s released.

Players should be able to download the Prey demo on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One now, or very soon. The actual game will be coming out on May 5 for the aforementioned systems.

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