Prevent your cats from scratching furniture with these cactus scratching posts

This is the purrfect cat furniture!

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Say goodbye to your cats' bad scratching habits with Pet n Purr:

  • Stylish, strongly built, and easy to assemble cactus scratching posts
  • Prevent cats from scratching home furniture 
  • Keep cats and kittens entertained for long hours
  • Encourage fun and safe playtime 

Scratching is normal cat behavior. It is their way to mark their territory, sharpen their nails, and stretch their muscles. However, this behavior can also be destructive as your cats could scratch and damage your furniture and even your personal belongings. Instead of punishing them and preventing them from scratching, get them a good scratching post that will keep them entertained instead. 

Say goodbye to scratched home furniture with these cute cactus-themed scratching posts from Pet n Purr! They are well-designed, strongly built, and stylish, making them the purrfect cat furniture that your cats will surely love. You can choose from the Handmade Cactus Cat Scratching Post, the Cactus Cat Scratching Post with Teaser Ball, and the Cactus Cat Scratching Hanging Pad.

Designed for large cats, the Handmade Cactus Cat Scratching Post is very sturdy with a super stable platform, allowing both kittens and adult cats to scratch aggressively, climb, jump, and play safely. It is finely handcrafted with carpet-like materials that are nearly 43 inches tall!

The sculptured cactus design resembles a plant and stands on its own that easily attracts cats because it can be mistaken as a real plant, which most of them love to sniff and explore. With a couple of screws, you can quickly assemble this scratching post in just five minutes. 

If you want to include some toys in your cat’s scratching post while they climb and play, the Cactus Cat Scratching Post with Teaser Ball would be more suitable for them. It is durable with an adorable cactus design that matches your home furniture. The green and plant-like color and design are perfect for your garden to prevent cats from destroying your plants or pots. 

Cats can scratch and play all day long with this scratching post! You’ll also enjoy watching them throw little punches at the dangling ball toy hanging from the upper part of the scratching post. You can easily assemble it in just three minutes without any complicated instructions or assembly methods.

If you prefer a smaller scratching post to save space in your home, you may opt for the Cactus Cat Scratching Hanging Pad. You can simply hang it onto a door or a doorknob to prevent them from scratching your personal belongings. It also comes with a teaser ball for a more fun playtime! 

This scratching hanging pad is well-designed and sturdy and won’t easily come off of your door or doorknob, even if your cat scratches it aggressively. What makes it even more convenient is that you won’t have to assemble it. Just hang it on your door or on your walls, and let your cat scratch it anytime they want to without having to worry about your home furniture.

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