?Pretty Little Liars? Season 7: Watch All Episodes Online FREE To Prepare For Finale Next Week

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will be having its mid-season finale next week. In order to be ready for the highly anticipated conclusion, it is best to have all episodes covered.

There have been reports that this season will comprise of 20 episodes. With just 10 episodes done, the rest will reportedly air in 2017.

Aside from being able to watch all 10 episodes by clicking on the link at the end of the story, here is a recap of what happened this season.

Pretty Little Liars season 7 kicked off last June with the episode ?Tick Tock, Bitches.? It showed how Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Allison rushed to save Hanna after she was abducted by ?ber A. In the process, they discovered evidence that revealed who murdered Charlotte DiLaurentis.

The premiere was followed by ?Bedlam,? which had the liars still searching for Hanna after she escaped Uber A. An important figure from Emily?s past was also revealed. A former cop with a dark past was also discovered by Toby, Caleb and Ezra.

?The Talented Mr. Rollins? showed the aftermath of Hanna’s abduction. The girls shifted their focus to save Ali from the threats of Uber A. However, they eventually made a deadly mistake that changed everything.

In ?Hit and Run, Run, Run,? the girls attempted to cover their tracks after an incident with Dr. Rollins. The episode also marked the return of Jenna Marshal.

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?Along Comes Mary? shows Ali under the care of Mary Drake, while Spencer and Hanna look for a missing Caleb. A secret apartment was also discovered by Aria and Emily.

Police began to learn more about the disappearance of Dr. Rollins in ?Wanted: Dead or Alive.? This led Hanna to consider telling the truth about what really happened. Ali also got disappointed after discovering that her friends had sold her out.

Jason reappeared in ?Original G’A’ngsters? to stop Ali from getting too close to Mary. The rest of the squad also found a new connection between Mary and Jessica.

?Exes and OMGs? showed how Emily is eager to move on from everything. She applied for a position as the Rosewood High swim coach and ended up vying for the job versus Paige. The doctor who delivered Mary’s baby was also cornered by the girls.

Hanna went rogue in ?The Wrath of Kahn? to prove that Noel is ?ber A. Emily and Paige also seemed to rekindle their past. Jason helped Aria and her friends to learn more about Mary?s background.

There have also been spoilers about how the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars season 7 will go down next week.

There are rumors about Mary Drake?s secret child, with fans guessing that it could be either Jenna or Alison.

One of the liars is also rumored to get pregnant. Fans speculate that this would be Spencer. Unfortunately, there are rumors that Toby will allegedly leave her and Rosewood for good. In spite of this, fans are hoping that they will still end up with each other.

Be up to speed with Pretty Little Liars season 7 by watching all the episodes for free HERE.


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