?Pretty Little Liars Season 7? Spoilers: Who Is The Mysterious A.D.?

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Pretty Little Liars

Now that ?Pretty Little Liars Season 6? is done, many fans of the show can?t help but be excited for what?s in store in Season 7. The show?s creator, Marlene King, couldn?t wait teasing fans of the show, too, as she has already given some hints about the upcoming ?Pretty Little Liars Season 7.?

Just a warning, there may be some spoilers about the Season 6 finale and Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars so make sure to scroll down at your own risk.

Season 6 of the show really dropped a major bombshell as it introduced Mary Drake, the twin sister of the late Jessica DiLaurentis and the mother of, the also deceased, Charlotte. It surprised everyone, most particularly Alison, as it seems that Mary is out to get her for some reason, which hasn?t been revealed yet. It was a shocking return of Andrea Parker as a regular cast member of the show, and she tells TVLine that the twists and surprises in the show have only just begun.

Marlene King had been hinting at a twin for a long time now, and the Season 6 finale revealed the shocking truth in the storyline. In the video posted on YouTube, King gave several teasers about Season 7 of the show. One of the major hints she gave is that the upcoming season is the beginning of the end of PLL as we know it. She further says that every episode in Season 7 will have a big reveal and it will ?blow your mind on a weekly basis?.

Probably one of the most intriguing teaser she dropped is that ?A.D. is Uber A?. Who exactly is A.D.? Is A.D. a person? While no one other than King has any idea about what this could mean, she hints that it will be revealed in a major way in Season 7. These are just some of the major Season 7 teasers that King revealed. If you haven?t watched the video yet be sure to check it out right now on YouTube.

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