Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Spoilers: Dr. Rollins Out To Get Ali In Episode 3

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoilers indicate that Dr. Rollins is out to get Ali in Episode 3 titled, ?The Talented Dr. Rollins.?

Ali has been in constant danger since she married Dr. Elliot Rollins back at the end of Season 6. She thought this man genuinely loved her but it turns out that he?s actually a British psycho out to get her. In the previous episode, Emison fans were delighted to see Emily and Alison together though it wasn?t under the best of circumstances, but still, at least we know that Emily really cares for Ali and will do anything to help her and keep her safe.


Alison and Emily

Dr. Rollins did not allow Emily to visit Ali in the hospital in the last episode, Melty reports, but of course, Emily is always determined to find ways to help her friends, especially Ali. They do have a romantic history and it seems Emily hasn?t moved on.

Emily asked the most unlikely of people, Mary Drake, to help her find a way to see Ali. When Emily finally got to Ali, Ali tried to tell her that Elliot is not what they think he is, but then in the middle of their conversation, Dr. Rollins came rolling in and spoiled the little reunion.

In the upcoming episode, it seems Emily and the Liars will stop at nothing to save Ali but things won?t go as planned. The synopsis for Episode 3 reads: ?In an attempt to rescue Alison from the psychiatric hospital, the Liars commit a deadly mistake that changes everything.?

The preview for Episode 3 clearly shows that Dr. Rollins is out to get Ali. The video begins with Elliot putting a face mask on Ali who appears to be unconscious. Emily tells the girls, ?Ali?s life is in danger and it?s our fault.? In another scene, Elliot tells Hanna and Spencer, ?She thinks everyone?s out to harm her?? and Spencer responds, ?It?s not paranoia if it?s real.?

The girls also appear to be looking for evidence on Dr. Rollins? questionable behaviour towards Ali so they can report it to the police. Ali fights her way out of the hospital and tries to choke Elliot, then the last scene shows Ali running from Elliot in the dark.

So Ali was actually able to get out of the hospital after all, but will she be able to escape from Dr. Rollins? Will the girls be able to save her just in time?

Catch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3, ?The Talented Dr. Rollins,? 8/7c on Freeform.

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