Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Release Date And Spoilers: Most Terrifying ?A? To Be Revealed, Love Teams Hinted

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7

The Pretty Little Liars (PLL) Season 6 is now in the books. Rumors for Season 7 are already circulating around the web. The release date, spoilers and some terrifying teases are sure to rattle your bones if you can?t wait for the next installment.

In the finale on Tuesday night, as Entertainment Weekly writes, it was revealed that Mrs. D (Andrea Parker) actually has a twin named, Mary Drake, who has returned to haunt Alison (Sasha Pieterse). Ali was so terrified of the Mrs. D lookalike thinking that it?s really her mother fresh out of the grave. She thought she was hallucinating because of the painkillers. However, she also saw Wilden back from the dead appearing in her bed, so she ended up seeking help in a mental institution as she thought she was seeing dead people which wasn?t really true.

Variety was able to talk to PLL creator Marlene King who teases that the most terrifying ?A? will be revealed in the next chapter as well as new love teams.

King had always said that Mrs. D was the true villain in the series, and was asked if that statement will be tied into the twin story arc as the series progresses. She said, ?You?ll find out more about that, but I will say that still holds to be true in many ways.?

The show creator was also asked when will Ali find out that her mom had a twin. ?That?s all part of the story moving forward,? King responds. ?When we come back this summer, you?re going to find out a lot of answers. Season 7 is really the fastest-moving season we?ve ever had. It moves even quicker than Seasons 1 and 2, and you?re going to get answers almost on an episode-by-episode basis. So you?re going to get that answer really soon.?

The creator also adds that Ali will be in danger in the mental hospital. In Season 7, an ?A.D.? will be revealed. King said that this A.D is ?Uber A?. The girls will then discover that A.D. in fact has ?uber capabilities? and will be the ?scariest A of all.?

Meanwhile, aside from all the terror that awaits fans in the next season, ?a romance between Elliot and Charlotte was hinted and King was asked if their relationship will be presented in flashbacks in the next installment. ?I hope so,? she said. ?We have a plan for some flashbacks with Vanessa [Ray] who plays Charlotte, and we hope we can get her back on the show because she?s on Blue Bloods, but that story will be told and hopefully through flashbacks. There is a rich history there between Charlotte and the character that we know as Elliot Rollins, and we?ll learn a lot more about that in Season 7 and why Rollins is doing what he?s doing.?

Pretty Little Liars will return this summer for Season 7. Stay tuned for the reveal of the most terrifying A!

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