?Pretty Little Liars Finale? Is Crazy! Fans Show Outrage On Social Media

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Apparently for fans of the show, Pretty Little Liars left a whole lot more unanswered questions than what they revealed during the final episode. Pretty Little Liars, which just aired its midseason finale, also gave the fans their wish of finishing the show with a bang. The friendship of Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) will forever have a place in the hearts of fans whether they will continue the TV series for brand new seasons or finally stop at season 8.

Who is ‘A’?

For those who were itching who ‘A’ really was, we hope your disgruntled looks and awkward faces won’t keep you from watching Pretty Little Liars. The fact that ‘A’ was discovered to be CeCe Drake is a surprise for everyone. CeCe, who was then Charles DiLaurentis, explained that she loved her sister Alison from the moment their parents brought her home and never meant to drown Alison when she was a baby, according to ABC News. This revelation then began a whole new conversation on Twitter.

And because?the tormenting questions were finally revealed by Pretty Little Liars, fans of the show took their reactions to social media with the hashtag #PLLFinale. Disgruntled and disappointed fans were mainly the ones who shared their sentiments to the show.


With 3.1 million total viewers tuning in to the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, it became the top show in all of cable with a 1.4 rating, according to Deadline.com. Also a good news for the ABC broadcasting network as last night?s audience was an 18-month high for the show, the website added.

Marlene King had a chance to speak with Entertainment Weekly about the outcome of the finale. ?I feel really good. I?m happy that the identity of ?A? has been revealed,? Marlene said. ?I don?t have to keep that secret anymore,? she added.

?We had a similar revelation of Mona being the original ?A.? But as we continued the story, it became clear to our fans that she was absolutely supposed to be original ?A.? I think as we move forward, it?ll become clear to fans that Charlotte was absolutely supposed to be the ?A? who stole the game from Mona,? Marlene King stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Whether the reaction from the fans was good or bad, the important thing is that we finally know who ?A? really is.

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