The Pressure is On: Microsoft forces Google into a battle of Cheap Tablet PCs

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Today?s world sees a return towards the time when Netbooks were all the rage.

In one corner, the virtual successors of the Netbook, the Chromebooks – tablet PCs or tablet hybrids which are used for the Internet and usually nothing else. On the other, Microsoft?s Surface Pro laptops are viewed as the ?true successor? to the Netbook since they are running Windows OS. The battle between these two has driven them to lower prices, according to Yahoo Tech.

That?s also the focus of this Press Herald report, which explores things on the side of Google?s Chromebook. What?s the best answer to lowering prices? That?s further lowering prices and that?s exactly what Chromebooks have done. They?ve answered Microsoft?s challenge by lowering the prices of not just one, but two of their own Chromebook models.

Microsoft?s accepts Google?s Challenge

It may have been Google who started it all, but it?s Microsoft who hopes to put an end to it.

Microsoft rolled out a lower-priced version of its latest Surface Pro 3 tablet?with the hopes that it might replace Google Chromebooks that are headed to classrooms throughout the world. Microsoft, with the lowered price, was hoping to target budget-conscious students and families who were in the market to buy a cheap laptop/tablet hybrid for use at home or in the classroom.

While this was good for the consumers, the same could be said for the vendors. With lower prices, according to the article, vendors don?t stand to profit that much. Google, however, welcomes the challenge and in fact ?loves? that Microsoft was lowering their prices.

Google Bumps Back

The feud that started it all was when Google decided to lower the prices of their Chromebooks.

In this report from Press Herald, two versions of Google?s Chromebooks sold at around $149. This prompted Microsoft to sell a Surface Pro 3 model for around $449, with the higher-end versions selling from $799 to $1,949. Obviously, the cheaper Surface Pro 3 has a less powerful spec than the higher-end Surface Pro 3 models.

The Chromebook doesn?t function with a hard disk drive or HDD. Instead, it relies on the Internet for most applications, including Office applications. Both the Chromebook and the Surface Pro 3 sport lightweight have slim designs, and some models can switch between becoming tablets and laptops.

A Cheaper World

In the end, the battle between the Chromebook and the MS Surface Pro 3 benefits people who are in the market for cheaper tech. Not everyone can afford to buy laptops or tablets, but with this price slash, customers stand to become able to buy these tablet hybrids while saving a premium at the same time.


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