Presidential Selfies Might Get Banned After Samsung Controversy

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Obama/Ortiz Selfie
Obama/Ortiz Selfie

It is very likely that The White House will ban presidential selfies after the controversial Obama/Ortiz selfie. At first, it would seem like an honest way of celebrating Boston Red Sox baseball team for winning the World Series championship. It turns out that it was actually a marketing stunt (or so it seems) by Samsung and the White House is not happy about it one bit.

Dan Pfeiffer, senior adviser, said that the White House already had some ?talks? with Samsung after baseball superstar from Boston Red Sox, David Ortiz, took a selfie with the US president. Ortiz, then, tweeted this ?selfie? photo of him and The selfie went viral right away. Gathering over 40,000+ retweets. It is not long before Samsung?s own Twitter account retweeted this which made things a bit hairy for both Ortiz and them. The White House looked at it as a ?dishonest?? and ?questionable? stunt.

Samsung apparently had an endorsement deal with David Ortiz to make things a bit more suspicious of the White House. Obama stated that he had no idea about the Korean mobile giant?s involvement with the incident. He thinks that it might just end all the selfies altogether, especially ones involving presidents.

Samsung retweeted Ortiz?s and later stated that they were thrilled to see the special, historic moment captured by David Ortiz on his Galaxy Note 3. Ortiz denied that tweeting the photo was part of some marketing ploy orchestrated by Samsung but the White House refuses to buy this excuse.

“As a rule the White House objects to attempts to use the president’s likeness for commercial purposes,” spokesman Jay Carney said to The Wall Street Journal. They made a solid statement that they strongly object in the case.

It is not clear yet if the White House have taken any action against Samsung but they are consulting with lawyers.

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