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Preserve the original flavor of your favorite wine

Wine lovers will love these wine coolers.

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Serve your guests with delicious and perfectly chilled wine with KingsBottle:

  • Modern, functional, and durable wine coolers
  • Maintain wine’s natural flavor and ideal temperature
  • Keep your wine collection organized and safe
  • Make wine consumable for several months 
  • Suitable for any kitchen size and different interiors 

Getting a wine cooler is a good investment, especially if you love collecting and displaying wine. Instead of arranging wine on your kitchen shelf, where they might get dusty, store them in a durable and high-quality wine cooler from KingsBottle instead. This will:

  • maintain its natural flavor
  • keep it consumable even after several months
  • give the wine an improved taste and chillness
  • make wine nights more enjoyable

You can choose from different types and sizes of wine coolers that are suitable for your wine collection and kitchen space. KingsBottle has Single Zone Wine Coolers, Dual Zone Wine Coolers, Under Counter Wine Coolers, and Upright Wine Coolers. 

The Single Zone Wine Coolers are perfect for smaller kitchens or home bars. They are made of stainless steel redesigned with a sleek and modern straight rod handle and elegant and borderless glass door style. The interior cabinet and wood shelves are optimized for maximum bottle capacity, enough to hold your small and regular-sized wines! Thanks to their simple yet sophisticated design, they will also go well with any type of interior design.

Serve different types of wine at different temperatures with the Dual Zone Wine Coolers! These innovative wine coolers let you store multiple bottles of wine in ideal conditions with their fully-equipped built-in refrigerators. They also feature a new wood shelving design incorporating standard Bordeaux, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Champagne/Sparkling Wine bottles. 

If you’re looking for the ideal wine cooler in place of a large wine cellar, the Under-Counter Wine Coolers would be best for you! They are compact, well-designed, functional, and fit in small apartments and wine businesses. You won’t have to worry about your wine’s condition because the stainless steel under the cabinet wine fridge will take care of it. Other features include:

  • no temperature swings
  • vibration-free cooling
  • low energy consumption
  • wide storage capacity
  • quality glass door
  • strong hardwood shelves

The Upright Wine Coolers are great additions to a kitchen if you prefer taller, modern, and stylish wine coolers. The cooler case is almost entirely made of metal, while the front door is made of thin but impact-resistant glass framed by a steel rim. What makes these coolers unique are the internal shelves made of 100 percent wood. Each shelf is a lattice plate that prevents bottles from rolling around and falling onto the floor or adjacent shelves.

KingsBottle aims to continuously innovate the standard of beverage storage with their modern and exceptional design. They combine quality, durability, and stability to provide everyone with a satisfying wine-drinking experience.