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Prepare to build your muscles and hasten your recovery from extensive workouts using this powerful percussion gun

This equipment has a 6-hour long battery life, enough to support your daily workout routines

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The key to an effective workout is consistency. But almost everyone struggles in this aspect for a thousand reasons. Just because you feel tight after a few sessions do not mean you can skip a few more. Hence, let me share one effective way to loosen your muscles and gain more in your future workouts.

Love going to the gym more with Addsfit, your reliable partner to recovery!

What is the Addsfit’s Deep Tissue Massage Gun ?

Addsfit’s Deep Tissue Massage Gun is a quiet and powerful massager that hits any desired body part. It’s far different from your fixed massage chairs that only target your back and neck. This tool is best before and after working out as it sets your muscles on for another exercise and loosens them after.

How does it work?

Addsfit offers a percussive speed up to 3300RPM, enough to strike the pain that gets deep into your muscles. Point the gun head to your desired body part and begin operating. It’s easy to use because it comes with accessible operating buttons that indicate the speed and battery levels. That way, you can adjust which among the speed levels suits you well.

In what issues does this gun work?

  • Muscle soreness
  • Muscle tension
  • Chronic pains

Is this harmful to the skin?

Repeated percussions direct to the skin can be an issue for some users sensitive to toxic materials. But don’t worry, this gun comes with five skin-friendly silicone heads that maintain your hygiene throughout. Note that each gun fixture also has customized hardness that targets specific areas of your body.

Does it come with batteries?

This tool has built-in batteries, so you won’t have to do replacements at all. Charge this gun until it’s complete, and use it for as long as six hours. This battery life can support a week-long recovery routine, depending on your usage.

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