Prepare for another great night of sleep refreshed and relaxed using this CBD-infused herbal bath bomb

Now you’re in for the most relaxing soak of your life!

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Today, CBD remains to be a globally-known relaxation agent because of its benefits and human-friendly effects. And with CBD coming in many forms, there is no doubt it’ll become a necessity. It works as an anxiety reliever, pain killer, and even as an aid to insomnia. Since you are here, let me share one innovation that will make you enjoy CBD a bit more.

Do you feel curious yet? Meet Envy CBD’s Serenity Bath Bombs!

What is Serenity Bath Bombs all about?
Your baths are as significant as your meals, which is why the Envy CBD came up incorporating CBD in bath bombs. A piece of Envy CBD Serenity Bath Bomb comes with 50mg of full-spectrum CBD that relates to your skin. It does not only help you shrug off the dirt from the day’s hustle but also gives you a relaxing mood before going to bed.

What makes it different from other bath bombs?

Envy CBD’s Serenity will help you release and unwind from all the stress you had for the day. Drop it into your tub of hot water, and begin to feel the natural aroma and steam of this herbal bath bomb penetrating your senses. And unlike other bath bomb brands, Envy will make you feel calm and ready for a long night of sleep.’s 

What scents does it have? Envy CBD uses the following essential oils you will love:
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender

Does it get harmful if used longer?

No! All Envy CBDs were tested for potency and purity to ensure you get a quality experience every time. You won’t experience overdosage, nor will it make you feel high. So, you can enjoy it all you want.


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