Preacher Season 2 News: Seth Rogen Says Viewers Will Be Seeing More of Herr Starr

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Fans rejoiced after it was confirmed that Preacher will be renewed. It is set to have 13 more episodes. No official release date has been confirmed for Preacher season 2, but fans can expect to see it by 2017.

Based on the last episodes of Preacher season 1, it?s safe to say that the dust has settled. But fans could still be looking forward for more since the previous season had revealed room for even more juicy story lines. The next instalment could also reveal more about the characters. One of them is Herr Starr.

Herr Starr is the leader of the Grail. Fans who have already read the comic book may already be familiar with this character. He leads a group that brings about the Apocalypse in an effort to save humanity.

One of the best news that we have heard so far about Preacher season 2 is that Herr Starr is going to be featured more in the next instalment. The confirmation came from Seth Rogen himself in an interview with Chris Hardwick.

According to Rogen, the character is the favorite of the creative teams and he will definitely make more appearances in the upcoming season. Since this is the case, fans can expect the second season to be lighter and funnier since Herr Starr is known to be one of the funniest characters.

In the comics, Herr Starr brings humor and it seems like the comic is going to stick with his traits. All the escalator scenes with him are just too fun and could make any reader laugh their heart out. Rogen?s enthusiasm suggests that Herr Starr would remain just like that in the Preacher television series.

The Preacher TV series is an adaptation of the books written by Garth Ennis. It was drawn by Steve Dillon. The comic was released during the mid-nineties and it had a total of 66 issues. Fans have also enjoyed some special issues that provided the back story for some of the characters. Preacher is a cult classic and is one of the favorites of comic book fans. Unsurprisingly, its television series became a hit.

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