?Preacher Season 1 Finale?: Who?s Dead, Who?s Alive?

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The Preacher Season 1 finale and the whole first season was an explosive run, from bloody Tarantino-esque spectacles to the extreme moral struggles of our characters. One can?t help but compare the show to its great AMC predecessor, Breaking Bad, especially after last week?s nod to the AMC drama.

[Spoilers on the finale ahead!]

This is no surprise as one of the executive producers, Sam Catlin, also worked on Breaking Bad and wrote some of its best episodes such as ?Fly? and ?Crawl Space.? Meanwhile in the Preacher finale, Catlin talks about who?s dead and who?s alive after the town of Annville turned into Sodom and Gomorrah and was literally blown into pieces after finding out that God went, well? missing.

Who?s dead?

Literally everybody! The town of Annville was wiped off the face of the earth because the plant manager got tied up while some sort of dominatrix took over the controls of the electro methane reactor and everything just went kaboom.

Everyone?s dead, including Odin Quincannon who we last saw cradling a little girl made of meat to replicate his dead daughter. Even sweet Emily, who took a sharp turn to her darker side last episode, who we last saw doing some kind of pep talk to her kids after the horrific Sunday service.



They were all gone?the sheriff, Donny and his wife, the Meat Men?just, everyone. There was no turning back even before the explosion. Everything was leading up to that moment. After learning that God is missing, Annville turned into ?A sinful, Sodom and Gomorrah-type town, blowing up on its sh*t,? as Catlin told Deadline. ?It?s all a direct result of the absence of God,? he added.

Even the Seraph who regenerated last episode was killed off for good as the Saint of Killers emerged after the town?s explosion and shot the Terminator-esque angel with his death pistol.

And it looks like DeBlanc is really dead as Fiore came back alone and lonely after their trip to hell.

RIP DeBlanc, RIP Annville.

Who?s alive?

It wouldn?t be Preacher without Jesse, so of course, he managed to survive the explosion along with Tulip and Cassidy who both join him on a road trip to search for God.



The fourth survivor from Annville is (possibly) Eugene who is stuck behind the counter of a diner outside of town, though it?s not clear if it?s really him or just part of Jesse?s imagination. The latter seems more likely because Jesse said that he hasn?t forgotten about him. This means Jesse still intends to rescue him from hell.

Catlin explained why they killed off everyone in Annville. ?In the end, we had to clear the deck, there?s so many great characters from the comic to come,? he said. ?In the first season we really wanted to establish Jesse?s relationship with God and lack thereof,? Catlin explained. ?He is disillusioned and losing his congregation from the beginning. We needed to put Jesse?s journey into context, and his mission for next season.?

So the series will be a road trip now while the Saint of Killers will hunt down Jesse. Will they be successful in their mission of finding God?

What do you think about the Preacher Season 1 finale? Are you excited for Season 2?

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