?Preacher? Season 1 Finale Spoilers: Will the Saint of Killers Hunt Down Jesse? Is DeBlanc Dead?

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Graham McTavish as The Cowboy – Saint of Killers, Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

The Preacher Season 1 finale will definitely be crazy. The penultimate episode was able to shed some light on the mysterious cowboy from hell and even showed what hell is actually like.

Now, we have a lot of questions going into the first season finale titled, ?Call and Response,? including what Jesse?s fate will be once the Saint of Killers come to earth and if DeBlanc had been killed off for good.

Will the Saint of Killers hunt down Jesse?

Of course he will, if it means escaping Hell which was depicted as one?s worst day being repeated over and over and over. DeBlanc and Fiore journeyed to Hell and their pick-up point was amusingly a Breaking Bad callback. It?s the same place in Albuquerque which also served as a pick-up point for Jesse Pinkman and Walter White when they decided to leave town. Both shows are also filmed in Albuquerque.

Going back to the Saint of Killers, he will definitely hunt down Jesse. The angels Fiore and DeBlanc just came to Hell to ask the cowboy to kill the preacher. The angels, who said that they were the custodians of Genesis, failed to secure the angel-demon love child in its coffee can domicile. So they said, ?the other option then,? which is having the Saint of Killers kill Jesse. Will he succeed? He will definitely bring hell to Anneville.


DeBlanc (Anatol Yusef) and Fiore (Tom Brooke), AMC

Is DeBlanc dead?

In previous episodes, we?ve seen the angels regenerate after being killed, just like how the Seraph came back after the sheriff choked her to death upon her request. But when DeBlanc and Fiore took a trip to hell to see the Saint of Killers, DeBlanc seems to have been fatally shot. The bullets of the cowboy from hell may be more powerful than a normal bullet which possibly killed DeBlanc for good.

Now an interesting theory suggests that the two renegade angels are actually the parents of Genesis, Uproxx writes. One of them, most likely DeBlanc, could really be from Hell and Fiore from Heaven, as he once told his friend, ?You have no idea what Hell is like. Believe me.?

The episode also suggested a departure from the comics which was literally shown in the episode when DeBlanc told Fiore to leave his comics behind. ?It?s alright, my dear. Leave them behind,? he said. Another evidence of DeBlanc being really possibly dead is Fiore?s reaction when the Saint of Killers shot him. He looked heartbroken suggesting that his friend will not regenerate this time around.

What does that mean for Fiore? Will he still continue on with their mission even without DeBlanc? Is it even possible that they are the actual parents of Genesis? The identity of Genesis? mother was never revealed in the comics so the theory may be possible.

Other burning questions which need some answers in the finale are: Will Jesse be able to summon God to church on Sunday?s service? Will Tulip allow Carlos to live so she and Jesse could kill him together? Will Arseface ever return? And how about Quincannon? Will he get what he wants if Jesse will be unsuccessful in calling God?

Stay tuned to find out in the Preacher Season 1 finale, ?Call and Response,? this Sunday, 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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