?Preacher? Episode 8 Recap: 5 Burning Questions From Hell-Raising Episode

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Preacher episode 8 titled ?El Valero? was one hell of an episode. Jesse Custer tried to defend his father?s church from Odin Quincannon and the Meat Men but it seems the ?God of Meat? had won this battle.

Jesse took his last stand to save the church and showed how excellent a fighter and shooter he is. The small army of Meat Men retreated a few times after he fired a few ?warning? shots. It was a crazy, crazy battle. Just when you thought you?ve seen it all in the previous episodes, Jesse shoots a man?s penis clean out off his crotch. And then you remember, ?Oh duhh. Why of course, Seth Rogen!?

We also found out one of the biggest reasons why Quincannon is probably the most dangerous character in the series. In a flashback, it was shown that his whole family had died in a terrible accident during a ski trip. That was the foundation of ?the whole ?God of Meat? belief?believing in what is tangible and solid, rather than a God who is silent?which is crazy, as he told Jesse.

So now, we have 5 burning questions after that hell raising episode.

Will Eugene ever get out of hell?

Jesse has the power to make anything possible through his voice, his words. He sent Arseface Eugene straight to hell with just three words, and maybe using it again to get him out of hell could be possible. But as we?ve seen in this week?s episode, Eugene did come back because the preacher called him. But it wasn?t exactly him. So will he ever get out of hell?


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The angels Fiore and DeBlanc told him that it is possible to get someone out of hell but it will be very difficult and painful. Jesse even agreed to give Genesis back to save the kid, so he let the angels sing their lullaby to get the angel-demon baby out of Jesse.

The lullaby worked and Genesis returned to the coffee can domicile but still returned to Jesse after destroying the can. Could Genesis be able to help Jesse get Eugene out of hell? He, or she, or it is an ?angel-demon? entity anyway and is said to be really powerful, so maybe Jesse can use it to save Eugene.

Will Jesse actually summon God?

Jesse took his last stand to save his father?s church but wound up getting knocked out by the town bully, Donny, who he had beaten up previously. He then agreed to sign the papers and surrender his land to Quincannon. But before he completely surrenders everything, he asked Quincannon to give him another week. He will call God in his church in front of all the people and if he doesn?t show up, then he will denounce his faith right then and there.

Jesse seems to be pretty serious about this deal so we can expect another huge mistake from his end. But the question is, will he actually summon God?

Which God will Jesse call?

Since Jesse got hold of his power, we were never certain if what comes out of his mouth will really come into fruition just as we expect it to be. He told a man to ?open your heart? and the man literally opened up his chest, grabbed his heart, and handed it to his mother. Another one was when he told Quincannon to ?Serve God,? but which God? Quincannon only serves the ?God of Meat,? and look what he?s doing now. He wants to take down Jesse?s church. And Jesse asks, why would God want to destroy a church? Well, Jesse, because he?s not serving the God you know and believe in.


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So, whoever or whatever Jesse summons could most probably be a danger to everyone. Even if it is the God that Jesse believes in, we?re still not so sure if he is in fact the God he perceives him to be. Just look at the angels, Fiore and DeBlanc. And that crazy terminator Seraph from ?Sundowner.?

Genesis should have stayed inside the coffee can, poor angels just gave up on their mission.

Why did Genesis return to Jesse?

Jesse seems to be special for some reason. The angels said that Genesis? previous hosts wound up exploding, but Jesse is still intact. So, this means there is a deeper reason why Genesis chose Jesse. He, or she, or it, is said to be an angel-demon entity so maybe Jesse?s the perfect host because he?s not entirely good and not entirely evil.

And, Genesis might be interested in getting Eugene out of hell too.

Is Cassidy alive?

Yes!! Cassidy is aliiive! We don?t really care much about anything or anyone else in this show as long as Cassidy is alive.

Just kidding.

What are your questions after this week?s episode? Do you think something good will ever come out of Genesis?

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