?Preacher? Episode 8 Preview: Will Jesse Finally Give Up Genesis? Will He Lose His Church As Well?

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In the Preacher Episode 8 preview, the angels Fiore and DeBlanc go to Jesse?s church to persuade him to return the mysterious entity, Genesis, to its coffee can domicile once and for all. Jesse might even agree to do it if the angels help him fix an ?accident.?

As recalled, Jesse sent ?Arseface? Eugene to hell in Episode 6. He accidentally used his power and uttered the words, ?Go to hell, Eugene!!!,? sending the (not so) innocent soul into the fire, or whatever hell is supposed to be in their world.

In the trailer, Jesse looks like he?s finally willing to give up Genesis in exchange for Eugene?s return from hell. His father, Sheriff Hugo Root, has been looking all over for him and appears to be really worried, but Jesse only told him that he didn?t see him.

Jesse knows exactly what happened to Eugene and Cassidy also saw it. It?s so ironic that a vampire like Cassidy would have the better judgement. The vampire told him that he?s losing control of his power and that it?s best to just give it back to where it belongs. He doesn?t even know if that entity that resides in him is actually God, a demon, or somewhere in between.

But we?re pretty sure it?s not God. And the angels already told him what Genesis is but he?s still as stubborn as ever.

Jesse told Quincannon to plainly ?Serve God.? At first we thought, ?oh it worked,? Quincannon?s a good guy now but then ends up shooting four people in his office. And now, as seen in the preview, he?s planning on destroying Jesse?s church to build a food court on it. He?s probably the scariest and most dangerous person in the show right now. He?s even worse than vampires and terminator Seraphs.



Meanwhile, the synopsis for episode 8 titled, ?El Valero? reads: ?In a fierce gun battle, Jesse faces off against Quincannon and the Meat Men to protect his church. Meanwhile, Tulip tries to save a friend.?

Jesse will have to fight Quincannon to protect his father?s church. But he?s obviously outnumbered. Will he lose his church as well?

Though there is still hope. He does have two angels with him and he still has Genesis (maybe?). Also, it looks like Tulip will try to save Cassidy, as in the previous episode, the vampire stepped out in the sun and was reduced to ashes just to prove a point to Jesse.

It?s really a mad and twisted world and Jesse needs to trust these angels if he?s really ?a loyal servant of God.? Cassidy?s right. Jesse is losing control of his power. But maybe it will prove to be useful in the coming episode.

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