Practical Xbox One Tips and Tricks To Maximize Your Gaming Experience, Bonus: Xbox One Features You Might Have Missed

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Handy Xbox One tips and features you might not know existed

Microsoft?s Xbox One has been around for almost seven months. That long? Gasp. It has also changed a lot since then, with consistent monthly updates and the release of a Kinect-less version. Keeping up with every feature of the console can be hard, especially when you?re focused on more important tasks such as playing games, of course. To save you the trouble, we?ve compiled a few Xbox One tips and tricks we thought you should know.

Use your smartphone as an Xbox One remote control

Pause that GTA Online game and download the free Xbox One app called SmartGlass. This app can turn your phone into an Xbox One remote control where you can browse through the Internet Explorer loaded on the console. SmartGlass can be used to zoom, pinch, and click on page links more efficiently than how a game controller can do it. It also offers added content for some games and apps.

Juddering TV? Here’s the fix

If you use a cable box like Sky+ or other similar devices to connect your TV and Xbox One, chances are you might have encountered a little display juddering. Fix it by heading to Settings > Display and Sound > choose ?Automatically Detect HDMI? then adjust it to the 1080p resolution. If it?s set at that resolution already, select 720p then start from the beginning. When asked if the screen displays properly, pick ?No.?

Done something cool? Let Xbox One save it

Here?s one cool Xbox One tip ? never allow an Ultra Combo go unnoticed ever again! If you?ve done something amazing or come across a funny scenario within the game, don?t be afraid to share it. Saying ?Xbox, record that? will do the trick. If you do that, the console will record your gameplay?s last 30 seconds.

Multi-task with Xbox One Snap

The Xbox Snap can be considered as one of the finest features of the next-gen console. It is the Xbox One?s own multitasking tool that allows users to access a side panel even during a game. This side panel will display other apps like Internet Explorer, Xbox Music, Skype, and many others. Here?s an Xbox One tip to easily load the feature: just say ?Xbox, snap.?

Don’t let Skype bother you

If you use Skype on Xbox One often, then you may have lots of pop-up screen notifications whenever one of your contacts goes online. Do yourself a favor and heed this handy Xbox One tip: go to the Skype app, proceed to Settings > Notifications > choose Show Call Notifications Only.

As promised, here are some cool Xbox One features you may have missed.

  • Your Xbox One?s Kinect sensor can scan QR codes! Rather than typing in long codes when buying something from the Xbox Store, just scan QR codes using Kinect.
  • This console also has a Smart Match feature. It’s sort of an online dating where you are matched with another player who has a similar skill level. The only difference is that instead of dining on a fine restaurant, both of you get to kill off some nasty barbarians.
  • Pop those popcorns and rest on your couch because your Xbox One can also be used to play DVDs and Blu-Rays, not just stream movies thru Netflix or HBO Go.
  • For the ultimate lazy gamer, the Xbox One Kinect sensor is your best friend. It can identify various voice commands to allow you to control the console without pushing any button. But you have to know exactly what to say.? One neat Xbox One tip is to say ?Xbox, select? and the console will display a list of useful voice commands from the side of the screen.


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