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Practical Gifts for Valentine?s Day 3

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  1. Streaming Service Subscription: Date night doesn?t really need to be out of town, or in fancy restaurant, or in a nearby beach. You can actually just stay at home and invest in streaming service that can entertain you the whole night. If you?re a television and movies type of couple might as well go for Netflix, Hulu or CBS All Access subscription. You can snuggle on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a blanket to give out some cuddles while watching you favorite movies together.?If your idea is a comfortable, relaxing time by the fire, you can try music subscription. The music playing in the background is a great idea for a romantic evening.
  1. A pet dog or cat: Why is having a pet practical you say? Animal shelters and rescue groups are full of happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home. Most shelter pets end up in shelters because of a human problem like a moving or a divorce, not because the animal did something wrong. You get a best friend, a family member, or a son/daughter for free. It?s just feeding might sometimes be a pain, but that?s going to be overshadowed by all the unconditional love you?ll get.
  2. Live Plants: For those who want to break away from traditional and common Valentine?s Day flower bouquets, live plants are somehow a similar gift, however, they last much longer. In addition to being beautiful, a houseplant is also good for your loved one?s health. Indoor plants have been proven to improve concentration, lower stress levels and lessen recovery time after illness or injury. If your loved one good at cooking, you can turn it into an indoor herb garden (you can even plant vegetables if you want to). Outdoor plants are great for a person?s overall well-being, too, so for a floral gift that will bloom every year, plant rose bushes are great additions to the yard. Every time the flowers bloom, your special someone will be reminded of your love and dedication.
  3. Massage Supplies: Nothing feels better than a massage after a stressful week. The easiest way to gift a great massage to your loved one is with a gift certificate to a local spa, and a professional couple?s massage is a very romantic experience. If a professional service is not fit in your budget or if you want something more private and sensual, shop for massage oils and a get a book on massage techniques. There may be a slight learning curve involved, but who better to practice than each another?

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