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The Power Season 3 is just around the corner and it seems like the conflict between James St. Patrick and Thomas Patrick ?Tommy? Egan will worsen in the upcoming installment. For those who want to watch the premiere online, we are going to give you streaming sites which you can check on the airing day of the TV series.

It can be recalled that it was back in the second season of the series wherein the friendship between James, also known as ?Ghost? (Omari Hardwick), and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) ended. It was after Tommy found out that James had a major role in ruining his relationship with Holly (Lucy Walters). But, based on the trailer released, it seems like the feud between the two will further escalate in the upcoming season.

The trailer of the installment simply states that ?Ghost Must Die.? There are two possible ways to interpret it. One, Ghost, a name that James used in his drug-related life, will be gone as the character tries to leave his illegal life. Two, Ghost will literally die and Tommy might be the one to kill him.
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According to reports, the main theme of Power Season 3 is ?be careful what you wish for.? As mentioned, James wants to leave ?Ghost? behind and focus more on his club and love interest, Angela Valdez (Lela Loren). However, it seems like James? wish to leave the drug game will just bring more troubles for him.

Speaking of troubles, it was presented in the trailer that the relationship between James and Angela will encounter a tough spot as a lawyer-looking man tells James that he might have to decide between protecting himself or his girl.

Meanwhile, showrunner Courtney Kemp teased the fans that there will be more fatalities in the upcoming season. ?There is a lot of death this season. There is a lot of romance, a lot of sex this season. There are a lot of conversations about the meaning of love. I am always trying to get some cool philosophical stuff in there while blowing s**t up,? Kemp told TV Line.

Clearly, Power season 3 is going to be bloody and more thrilling than the previous installments. For those who want to watch the premiere on Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, you can browse Starz and Stream 2 Watch to watch it live.

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