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Power Rangers: The Dark and Intense Parody

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Image credits goes to the makers and owners of the video, image cap by author

Watch this dark and intense parody of the ’90s hit kiddy show Power Rangers

Power Rangers is no doubt one of the most memorable shows back in the ?90s. Because of the success of Mighty Morphin? Power Rangers, many and different spin-offs have been made from Power Rangers Dino Thunder to Power Rangers Mega Force.

Recently, a fan-made short film has been made for the hit show and if you are a fan of the original, you should definitely check this one out.

Watch the dark and intense?with a cool twist in the end?parody of Power Rangers

Many people know that the Power Rangers is a TV show specifically made for kids?or grown ups who are young at heart. However, this fan-made video for the hit kiddy show does not cater to young audiences.

The story of this short film revolves around the three of the five?or six rather?main characters of the series, Kimberly (Pink Ranger), Rocky (the second Red Ranger after Jason) and Tommy (Green and White Ranger).

Rocky, who are an outcast in that fan-made mini-series, held Kimberly against her will by kidnapping her. He was interrogating her by intimidation and physical torture and tried to squeeze out any information about Tommy?s whereabouts.

But to no avail, Rocky did not succeed with his plans. He assumed that Tommy was the one who is doing the killing but it was revealed in the end that Tommy was innocent all along and the real culprit behind the murder of Zack, Billy (Blue Ranger), Bulk and Skull is none other than the person closest to him, or them.

The short-film was masterfully made although, like any other indie films or short films, it can get a little bit cheesy sometimes especially with how they deliver their lines. The choreography in the fight scene on the other hand is above average if you are going to compare it to the ones in Hollywood.

However, the main highlight of this fan-made short film of Power Rangers is probably the unexpected turn of events in the end. Few people might say that it was predictable or a clich? but the important part here is the progression on how they reveal the twist.

Watch the Power Rangers Bootleg Film by Joseph Khan below and be amazed.

Credits to Adi Shankar

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Image credits goes to the makers and owners of the video, image cap by author

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