Power Rangers Ninja Steel?s Release Date and Cast Members: What Fans Can Expect

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Power Ranger Ninja Steel
Power Ranger Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is set to be released by as early as January 2017. Saban Brands just did the reveal that all Power Rangers fans are waiting for at its Power Morphicon 5 panel last August 8. ?The cast of Power Rangers Ninja Steel was officially introduced. The next project marks the 24th season of the Power Rangers franchise.

Based on the announcement, new cast members to look forward to include ?Will Shewfelt as Red Ranger, Chrystiane Lopes as Pink Ranger, Chantz Simpson as Yellow Ranger, Zoe Robins as White Ranger and Peter Sudarso as Blue Ranger.

It?s important to note that Peter Sudarso and Yoshi Sudarso are siblings. Peter reprises his role as the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

Aside from introducing its cast members, Saban Brands also teased fans on what they could expect from the show.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel begins in space. Zircon is the current top monster. His aim is to get hold of the mythical Spirit Crystal. It has six supernatural Ninja Power Throwing Stars. But things are not as easy as how he could have thought, especially with a new team of brave teenage Power Rangers. They are determined to stop him from his evil plans.

The teenage Power Rangers possess the Spirit Crystal. Zircon will do anything to steal it from the heroes. He sends his warriors to Earth to get it. He is able to see every battle that takes place on earth through a broadcast.

The Power Rangers are determined to save the planet from destruction that evil Zircon can cause. All the members will be working together. They are going to master how their resources should be used. ?These include throwing Stars, Zords and Megazords. Each one of these is made of legendary ninja steel.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge is the season 23 of the Power Rangers franchise. It debuted on Nickelodeon in January.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge and Power Rangers Dino Charge before it are based on Toei’s Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger series. Saban Brands’ arrangement with Nickolodeon and Bandai America was confirmed to continue until 2018.

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