Power Rangers Movie: Yellow Rangers Dies in the Hand of Rita Repulsa?

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After the heartbreaking news that the original cast members of Power Rangers would most likely not have a cameo appearance in the upcoming film comes another sad report. Predictions suggest that Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan, is going to die in the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

Talks about the film adaptation of Power Rangers do not seem to end. Now the hottest topic surrounding the highly anticipated film has something to with the demise of one main character. Earlier reports claim that the first teaser of the Power Rangers movie shown at San Diego Comic-Con shows Yellow Ranger in serious danger. Sources claim that she will not be able to survive until the end of the film.

Power Rangers movie spoilers suggest that Yellow Ranger will face her demise at the hands of Rita Repulsa. Those who followed the Power Rangers television series are aware that Repulsa is a wicked character. In the teaser, Repulsa is shown threatening the Yellow Ranger.

Repulsa will do everything to ruin the Earth, but the Power Ranges won?t allow her. The Power Rangers is composed of a group of teenage superheroes whose task is to save the Earth. Aside from Kwan, Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston and Kimberly Hart are also part of the group.

Zordon was the one who chose the teenagers who are tasked to save the planet. They have obtained superpowers that they will use as they prevent all evil forces from ruining the Earth. They are known for their ability to convert into a fighting force known as the Power Rangers.

How Rita Repulsa Defeats the Yellow Ranger

Power Rangers movie spoilers claim that Repulsa will take the teen heroes down one by one. Based on the promo teaser, the villain attacks the Yellow Ranger in her room. The latter tries to fight, but Repulsa seems to be stronger and was able to pin her against the wall.

According to Becky G, the actress who plays the role of Kwan, Repulsa will make her character feel like she was the weakest of all the members of Power Rangers. Repulsa is known to be good at playing mind games.

Fans will learn if the Yellow Ranger is fated to die when the Power Rangers movie hits the big screens in 2017.

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