Power Rangers Movie Update: Director Dean Israelite to Focus on the Characters

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Fans are all too excited to see a new Power Rangers movie. It is a well-loved TV series from the 90?s and to see a big screen adaptation may make some fans sceptical. The creators of the film could transform a corny series into a serious action franchise. But fans who love to stick with the original theme of the show do not have anything to worry about. It looks like the director, Dean Israelite, has a clear understanding of what is ahead of him. Reports indicate that the film maker wants the movie to be more focused on the characters, which many fans will certainly see as a good news.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that kids from the 90?s were used to was a live action series. It was being seen on Fox on weekday afternoons. The series was a unique combination of action and comedy. For the action part, it used scenes from a previously existing Japanese series. But the Power Rangers movie that we will be having soon is an updated version. The director knows that it needs to have something new in it and the primary way that he is doing that is through focusing more on its characters.

Fans could expect to see the characters using their same names. It will surely follow the original version when it comes to that. However, to bring something new to the movie, there could be a change in the ethnic and gender makeup of the team. And it appears that there is more that we could expect beyond that. There is a great deal about the characters that we are about to know. This certainly makes the upcoming movie something to really look forward to.

Getting to know the members of the Power Rangers is a major thing to anticipate from the movie. Another thing that we could all expect from the film is the idea of seeing naturalism. It may sound crazy but there was certainly a time when the feeling is normal among every superhero franchise. ?

Finally, we are also excited to see how the new suits in the Power Rangers movie look like. Israelite recently reveals that they were designed by Weta Workshop.

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