Power Rangers Movie Update: Bryan Cranston Hesitant To Do Movie; What Changed His Mind?

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What's not to love about Bryan Cranston? Photo courtesy of
What’s not to love about Bryan Cranston? Photo courtesy of

Many are excited for the Power Rangers movie adaptation. It will feature new cast members. One of them is Bryan Cranston. He will play Zordon, a well loved character from the television series.

Avid Power Rangers fans know that Zordon is the mentor who is confined in a tube at the command center. Cranston shared that he had seen the television series. He admitted that he was hesitant to accept the role at first but something has inspired him to push through.

According to Cranston, after he read the script, he went ahead to talk to the producer. He thinks that the movie adaptation is going to be different from the television series based on the script.

Cranston thinks the difference of the movie script from the original series can be likened to the Batman TV adaptation and Batman movie series. The actor was able to make it clear though that the inspirations is different. Cranston also assured that the Power Rangers movie?s approach to filmmaking is a breath of fresh air.

Meanwhile, actress Becky G also recently shared something about the film. She plays the role of Yellow Ranger, who will allegedly die in the movie.

Becky G on Power Rangers Movie

Becky G shared her experience while shooting the film. She particularly talked about her scenes with Elizabeth Banks, who plays Rita Repulsa. Becky G shared that she and Banks really wanted their scene to be as real as it can be.

Becky G admitted that she got intimidated at first. This is understandable given the fact that she is doing a scene with Banks who she admires as an actress. Eventually, they were able to make it fun. She thought that working with Banks was cool.

The actress further stated that her stunt double was there. It sounds like they were working closely for the scenes. She also shared the Power Rangers movie cast dress casually during rehearsals.

Becky G admitted that she feels pressured about working with experienced actors. Yet based on the trailer, many would agree that she is doing good. Viewers will surely keep an eye on her and Cranston when Power Ranger movie premiers in March 24, 2017.

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