Power Rangers Movie Reveals First Look Of Rita Repulsa

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The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Power Rangers movie finally reveals its highly anticipated character, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks). She took to Twitter for the latest promo stunt for the reboot of the upcoming Power Rangers movie. This gave fans a chance to ogle over the villainess’ killer looks and amazing costume.

The official Power Rangers Twitter account showed off her pics last Monday. Along with her plans of world domination and her irritation over fighting whiny teens bent on defending the pitiful planet Earth.

The promotional stunt was downright silly, but it it was clever too. This allowed fans to get a glimpse of Banks’ character and what a badass/smartass she really is.

Before The Power Rangers Movie

This American entertainment franchise was built around live action superhero tv series. It was initially produced by Saban Entertainment and later on by BVS Entertainment. Come 2015, SCG Power Rangers, the tv series owes much of their footage from Super Sentai that is produced by Toei Company. The First Power Rangers episode entitled Mighty Morphin? Power Rangers was launched in August 28, 2003. This helped boost Fox Kids programming back in the nineties. It was also catapulted into pop culture, together with the release of its action figures and other toys by Bandai.

At first it received some flak for the action violence, considering the majority of their target audience were supposedly kids. But the franchise continued to thrive. In 2016, the show consists of 23 tv seasons of 19 different themed series. It also has two theatrical films. The third one is coming out next year. In 2010, Haim Saban, who was the creator of the series regained ownership of the franchise. This after seven years under The Walt Disney Company.

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