Power Rangers Movie Reboot: Different from The Dark Knight, According to Bryan Cranston

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It looks like the upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot could be some sort of ?Dark Knight?. Actor Bryan Cranston wants everyone to know as early as now that the Power Rangers film can actually be compared to the latter, but still very different from each other. And so fans can now get ready for a whole new experience.

According to Cranston, the Power Rangers film is as different from its television version as the ?Batman? television series was to the Batman seen on the big screens. That said, Cranston was also able to make it clear that the two are completely dissimilar movies. Each one is unique. The actor said no one can compare the movie version to what we have seen on the small screens. This is due to the fact that the approach in doing a film is completely different to creating a television series.

When Cranston revealed that the Power Rangers movie reboot is comparable to The Dark Knight, he also stated that he does not know if the tone is as dark as the latter film. His upcoming movie deals with teenagers so it has to reflect the teenage life and be appropriate. The actor added that this could be the reimagined version in which the hopes and dreams of teenagers will be told.

When the highly anticipated movie reboot premieres, it will not be so easy to recognize it from the TV series it was based on. This means fans can expect to see something fresh, something that they have not yet seen before. For the most part, it is going to be unrecognizable.

It has been reported that Cranston will play the role of Zordon in the Power Rangers movie reboot. Zordon is the spiritual leader who gives the teenage heroes their powers so they can save the Earth.

Cranston will also be working alongside Elizabeth Banks. Unlike Cranston, who will be one of the protagonists in the film, Banks will play a villain named Rita Repulsa.

Cranston did voice work on the original show which explains how he obtained his personal ties to the series.

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