Power Rangers Movie Cast: Elizabeth Banks Appears As Rita Repulsa In Photos And Fans Are Not Impressed

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The excitement of fans for the Power Rangers movie cast is hyped after a photo of Elizabeth Banks was uploaded on Twitter. The photo gives fans a glimpse of how her role as Rita Repulsa will look.

Aside from her look, the photo of Rita Repulsa seems to drop a major clue about what fans should expect in the upcoming Power Rangers film. The villain is shown with her weaponized wand that seems to contain the green Power Coin.

Power Ranger fans should be aware that the green Power Coin is the source of the Green Ranger?s powers. It immediately leads fans to speculate that the villain will be able to kill the Green Ranger.

A strange fan theory that Rita was the Green Ranger is also circulating on the internet. The theory is solely based on the fact she looks like the Green Ranger in her new look.

Power Rangers Movie Cast: Rita Repulsa Look

While many fans are impressed with Rita?s new look, others do not seem to like it. Apparently, the villain?s newly unveiled look deviates from the original.

With Rita?s new look, her make-up seems to have mechanical features. Her outfit is form-fitting and armoured. Check out Rita?s talked about new look through a photo from the Power Rangers? official Twitter account below.

Banks? controversial look as Rita Repulsa indeed says a lot. While not everyone seems to like it, the majority are looking forward to see more of Banks as a villain in the Power Rangers movie. This is the first time that Banks will play a villain role. Several fans are surely looking forward to her performance.

Power Rangers is under the direction of Dean Israelite (Project Almanac). The film is all set to hit the big screens on March 24, 2017. Tune in only here at TheBitbag for more Power Rangers movie cast news and updates.

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