Power Rangers Movie 2017 Cast, Trailer & Release Date; Goldar to Play Significant Role Alongside Rita Repulsa

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Power Rangers Movie 2017

If there?s any TV series that the millennials will never forget, it just has to be Power Rangers. And people are really getting close to finally seeing their childhood superheroes on movie screens.The new Power Rangers Movie 2017 is set to be released next year, and fans can hardly wait.

The excitement got even better when the creators of the Power Rangers Movie released the actress who?s going to play the role of Rita Repulsa. With Elizabeth Banks, otherwise known as Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games film series, joining the cast, what could go wrong?

And the thrill doesn?t end there. Fans should also look forward to seeing Rita Repulsa side-by-side with another villain.

Power Rangers Movie 2017 has Two Villains to Deal With

The avid followers of the show probably heard of this villain before. And actually, they probably know him way too well.

Power Rangers Movie

Goldar is one of the most popular villains in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and he is set to appear in the Power Rangers Movie. And you heard that right, this villain right here is gonna try to defeat the Power Rangers with Rita Repulsa.

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According to iTECH Post, Rita Repulsa will be recollecting the ?molecular essence? spread by the winged thug to revive Goldar. Thus, the alliance of these two powerful villains.

What will be Goldar?s Role in the Power Rangers Movie?

There are speculations that Goldar will be contributing a lot in the plot of the film. Besides teaming up with Rita Repulsa, there are rumors that the two will be setting up a plot to defeat the Power Rangers.

Fans might already be familiar with the fact that Goldar has the capability to keep itself intact when coming close to the force field that surrounds the Zeo crystal. What makes its feature so important is the fact that the Morphing Grid provides power to the Zeo Crystal.

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And it is known that the Power Rangers get their powers from the Morphing Grid. Fans can the assume that Goldar will be Rita Repulsa?s shield to get through the Crystal. That would probably be the climax of the conflict between the two villains and the Power Rangers.

Now it all just makes sense why Rita Repulsa is going through all the trouble of reviving Goldar. Of course, fans have to wait for the movie to actually know what?s going to happen to the Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers Movie is set to hit the screens on March 4, 2017.

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