Power Rangers Movie 2017 Cast & News: Another Villain Set to Appear, Not Just Rita Repulsa

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There is so much excitement surrounding the 2017 Power Rangers movie. First, fans are excited to see the modernized version of the Rangers and the film itself. Another thing that caused excitement before the movie even comes out is the appearance of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa.

This will be the first time that Banks will appear as a villain. Viewers are definitely looking forward to see her performance in the movie. But Rita Repulsa is not the only villain to watch out for.

Fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would be delighted to know that another original villain might appear in the 2017 film. That is no other than Goldar. Goldar is another popular baddie from the television series.

Rumor has it that Goldar?s part in the upcoming film will be bigger than expected. It seems this villain will be obsessed with destroying all the Rangers. Will he and Rita team up somehow to execute their evil plans against the heroes?

Get Ready for Goldar in the Power Rangers Movie

Previous reports claim that the winged desperado will have his ?molecular essence? spread around the world. Rita recollects the scattered parts and revives Goldar. It seems the alliance between the two enemies should be inevitably expected.

For those who do not know Goldar so well, he is one of Power Ranger?s oldest enemies. He first appeared in the pilot episode for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. His armor is made of gold and that basically explains why he is being called Goldar.

His name and armor may be gold, but the rest of his look is terrifying. He looks like a demonic, humanoid ape with red eyes. In the television series, Rita would always mock Goldar as he had worked for her.

Goldar was actually more like a nuisance in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. But his part in the film adaptation will reportedly be more significant. Spoilers claim that his presence will be vital for Rita to successfully invade Earth.

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This means Goldar will be getting a new look too. Audiences may keep an eye on him when the film premieres on March 24, 2017. For more Power Rangers movie news and updates, keep it here only at TheBitbag.

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