Pottermore Update, New Patronus List & Meaning 2016: How To Take The Online Test To Know Your Patronus

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Pottermore update

Online quizzes around the Internet are always considered useless and inaccurate. But when a famous author who happens to be the creator of the Harry Potter series creates one, the world takes it seriously. The recent Pottermore update introduced a feature in which the user is able to discover their Patronus.

And apparently, a lot of people were disappointed with results given to them. The feature gives the quiz-taker five questions to figure out where will it assign them. In order to take the quiz, the user must first register on the Pottermore website.

It is important to realize that the questions are timed. In addition, a user can only discover their Patronus once. In order to start the quiz, head to the said website and create an account. On the other hand, people who are unhappy about the results might want to head over to an unofficial quiz.

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Pottermore Update: Unofficial Quiz Vs Official Quiz

Pottermore update

Pottermore?s quiz shows only five questions for each person. However, they?re randomly selected from a list of 38. The unofficial quiz, on the other hand, uses all the questions that are possible and Patronus assignments. On the other hand, the unofficial quiz doesn?t have the pleasing visuals of the official one.

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In that case, there will be no swirling dot which leads the user through the mysterious woods. Compared to the official quiz, the unofficial one will let the user take the quiz as many times as they like. Meanwhile, Pottermore?s quiz will let the user take the quiz only once and will be stuck with the results forever.

In addition, the results are going to be recorded right next to the user?s Hogwarts house assignment. Furthermore, users who took the official quiz and somehow didn?t like the results might want to create another Pottermore account to take another quiz.

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