Pottermore Patronus Options: Quiz Has Different Versions–Why Taking Another Test Makes Sense

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Patronus quiz on Pottermore allows Harry Potter fans to enjoy and discover their authentic Patronus for free. However, a lot of Twitter users are left wondering about how many possible answers there could be in what appears to be countless Patronuses.

It turns out that the quiz actually has different versions. So if you have already taken one quiz, it would definitely make sense to try another one to keep the magic of the experience.

The Patronus quiz was officially launched in September 22. Since it was released, Harry Potter fans seem to get unlimited Patronuses on Pottermore. This is evident on social media where people are sharing their results.

Those who have opted to have two separate Pottermore accounts knew that there are more than one version of the quiz. Having two accounts give fans a chance to answer two different quizzes.

Since there are several versions of it, trying two quizzes will more or less validate your Patronus should you get similar results. ?Pottermore has not released any information about how many possible results can be obtained from multiple versions of the quiz yet.

Pottermore Patronus Options

So far, the types of Patronuses that fans have encountered fall into three categories. They could either be common, unusual or rare. The common type includes variations of dogs, horses and birds.

The animals from the Muggle world are the ones included on the unusual category. These animals include sharks, lionesses and various types of owls. Finally, for the rare type, it includes magical creatures such as hippogriffs, runespoors and unicorns. If there is one thing that all these categories have in common, it?s that they are all splendid.

Pottermore CEO Susan L. Jurevics previously shared in a press release that they have worked with J.K. Rowling to create a little piece of magic for their site. So if you have not taken the Patronus quiz yet, experience the magic here!

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