Complete the Pottermore Experience: Aim for a Rare Patronus, Sort Your Houses and Wave Some Wand Magic

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Pottermore, the magical extension of JK Rowling?s infinitely popular Harry Potter world, has gotten a new quiz that?s gotten people abuzz. You can now Expecto Patronum digitally and find out your spirit animal ? in HP speak, that?s a Patronus. So how do you get it?

Head on over to Pottermore and if you haven?t already, sign up. This opens up a whole world of magic and you get to fantasize what you?d actually be if you could shed your Muggle skin and head on over to Hogwarts for a Potions class. It?s quiz taking at its finest, from finding out which House the Sorting Hat will put you in and what kind of wand you?ll be waving and mouthing cool spell words with. You can also find out your House from the American school, called Ilvermony. More on that when ?Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? comes out.

The Pottermore Patronus Quiz

But what has gotten Pottermore all abuzz is the new Patronus quiz that was launched last week. And of course people are aspiring to get the best kind of Patronus there is. There are three classifications to it ? common, unusual and what we?re all gunning for ? rare. See here for a list of all the Patronus types.

But that?s the question isn?t it? How does one really get a rare Patronus? Of course the quiz can?t be cheated and what?s more, you don?t really get the same set of questions. If you aren?t happy with the first Patronus you get, you can create a new account and try for another and you?ll find out that the quiz is totally random.

But as JK Rowling would have it, you should be happy with the Patronus you get ? rare, unusual or otherwise. People have been taking to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction or unhappiness with Patronus types they?ve gotten like a rat or a mole and Ms Rowling has been seeing the bright side of things and defending those wee creatures to the Twitterverse.

My personal favorite:

The lesson here dear Potterheads is that you should be happy with what Patronus you get (it is suppose to come from your happy thoughts) and that anything can be magical, including a weasel (which is my Patronus by the way). Stay calm, be happy and expecto patronum!

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