Possible Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Hinted by the Anime’s Creator

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A recent panel by “Knights of Sidonia”?creator Tsutomu Nihei and anime co-director Hiroyuki Seshita at the San Diego International Comic-Con revealed the possibility of the series getting its third season soon. During the interview, the panelist answered queries about the Knights of Sidonia Season 3. Creator Nihei responded with ?I’m also waiting for Sidonia 3! But I’m not the one who is making it or getting funding for it.?

Nihei also implied that it?s up to Seshita whether he will be able to do something about the funding of “Knights of Sidonia”?Season 3. Seshita, on the other hand, did not reject the idea, but he said ?I don’t have time to do it right now, but I’ll definitely get to it. So if you watch and support Knights of Sidonia and do the same for Blame!, that will increase our chances of that coming true.”

Written and illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei, the manga series debuted in the Kodansha Magazine?s 2009 June issue. Since then, at least 13 books (tankobon) have been released for the manga series. Vertical, on the other hand, licensed the distribution of “Knights of Sidonia”?in North America where an English version of its first twelve volumes happened between February 5, 2013 to December 2, 2014.

The synopsis of ?Knights of Sidonia? says:

?The story follows the adventures of Garde pilot Nagate Tanikaze, who lived in the underground layer of Sidonia since birth and was raised by his grandfather. Never having met anyone else, he trains himself in an old Guardian pilot simulator every day, eventually mastering it. After his grandfather’s death, he emerges to the surface and is selected as a Guardian pilot, just as Sidonia is once again threatened by the Gauna.?



Tsutomu Nihei was recently awarded with the Inkpot at the San Diego International Comic-Con for his contribution to the world of comics, animation, fandom, film, television and science fiction/fantasy.

Currently, there is no confirmed date on when they expect the “Knights of Sidonia”?Season 3 series to come out, but the creator and director of the series has considered the all new season. Are you familiar with the ?Knights of Sidonia? manga series? Don?t miss its upcoming news and updates by regularly checking on TheBitBag.

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