Portugal Defeats France Replay: Watch Winning Goal Moment Of Euro 2016 Finals

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Portugal Defeats France

Portugal was an unlikely winner in the Euro 2016 tournament. That just made their Euro 2016 Final win more glorious. Portugal finished third in their group which is not that impressive. Also, they were playing a team that they had not won against in the last 10 matches. They were counted out by many ahead of the final game.

In the Euro 2016 Finals, the odds were stacked against them as their star player, Cristiano Ronaldo, was sidelined because of an injury. Frustration abound when soccer superstar and three-time Ballon d?Or winner could not do anything but manage his injury and worry from the sidelines.


It then looked like a disappointing end of their Euro 2016 Finals run was inevitable. This surely crossed the mind of many fans. But for the players on the pitch, it was a different story. It was time to step up and so they did.

In the later parts of the game, Portugal seemed to take it to France. It was in extra time that the ball found itself on the end of ?der?s feet. From about 25 yards of the goal, he struck with precision and the ball shot pass France?s goal post right into the bottom-right hand corner. Hugo Lloris, the French goalkeeper, fell short on the save. This goal at the 109th minute gave Portugal a 1-0 margin over France. It was all they needed to go home with the coveted trophy this year.


Portugal previously won two games in the same tournament in extra time. The games were against Croatia and Poland. It is in the extra time too that they sealed their fate as Euro 2016 champions. This is Portugal?s first major tournament after losing in the 2004 Euros to Greece on home soil. Now, they earned redemption against France on French soil. The Golden Boot was awarded to Antoine Griezmann having scored six goals throughout the tournament.

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