#porteuverte Means Parisian Love: How The City Is Using Twitter To Overcome The Tragic Event Last Friday

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Parisians unite in an effort to help the victims of the terrorist attack on the French capital that left over hundreds dead and injured after a series of shootings, bombings, and suicide strikes. And in the wake of the attack, the people of Paris took their efforts to social media and expressed their concern in helping their fellow citizens through the hashtag #porteouverte.

Compatriots are using the hashtag #porteouverte, meaning ?open door,? on Twitter to express that their homes are open to the people affected by the attack and have a safe place to go. Most of the messages on Twitter can be interpreted as ?I?m home, in this area, contact me if you need a place to go,? according to Wired.

A number of users openly posted their contact number and addresses on social media, while other users give their information to people who directly messaged them on Twitter. Other people used the hashtag to share their gratitude that the social network is being used for a good cause. And with public transport suspended in Paris, taxi drivers offered assistance and gave a free ride to those who were affected by the attacks.

Previous reports indicated that at least 127 people were killed in the Paris and Saint-Denis shootings and bombings, French officials said. Saint-Denis is home to the national stadium where the soccer match was being played. A witness tells Radio France that attackers inside the Bataclan concert hall entered firing rifles and shouting ?Allahu akbar.?

Across the city, a further 200 people have been injured, at least 80 of them seriously. Police said they believe all the attackers have been killed, but are still searching for accomplices and others possibly involved in planning the assaults according to?The Guardian. For more information regarding the paris attack, check out this link.

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