Portal Game Coming to Nvidia Shield

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Probably, the most astonishing factor that nVidia SHIELD has is that it is an OPEN gaming platform. Much like tablets from Razer, this little wonder can play both Android and PC games. While this little thing packs a punch by having the ability play almost 300 android games and stream PC games with compatible nVidia cards, who wouldn?t want an instant classic in the palm of their hands? Valve?s Portal game to be exact.

In case you?re thinking, ?Oh, this is just another PC stream game? then you?ve got the wrong idea. nVidia and Valve are working together to bring it on the SHIELD as a standalone game.

The mind bending puzzle game will hit nVidia?s android based SHIELD in the near future, according to an announcement for nVidia?s blog page.

For gamers who haven?t heard about the game yet, they might need to ask themselves which rocks they have been sleeping under for the past few years. Portal has already been around for 7 years after its first release date. The game is about solving a series of ?Tests? in a form of various puzzles. You can create ?portals? that will aid you in navigating the areas. It had a sequel to which was more focused on the back story of how ?gladOS? came around and got back to exact its revenge to the protagonist.

The game won more than 70 industry awards and with a metacritic score of 95 percent, you can never go wrong with the game. If you love First Person Shooters and Puzzle games, Portal game is definitely a must-have for you.

?NVIDIA has created a very powerful and unique device with SHIELD,? said Doug Lombardi at Valve. ?Our companies have a strong history working together and we?re looking forward to Portal?s arrival on SHIELD.?


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