Portal 3 Release Imminent As Valve Teases Left 4 Dead 3?

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Portal 3

Rumors on Portal 3 and other third entries of Valve games may thrive once again after a Valve employee took a screenshot that had a Left 4 Dead 3 folder in his computer. Valve?s fans outside Steam have called out the company for not releasing any third entry for their games. If the Left 4 Dead 3 tease is true, Valve?s other titles may also have a third entry to appease their fans and make money outside Valve?s Steam platform.

According to the fan site ValveTime, a Left 4 Dead 3 folder in the screenshot posted by conceptual artist Tristan Redford during his his tutorial for the Destinations Workshop Tool. The screencap was hastily taken down after the ?leak? sparked fire online and replaced with a similar screenshot, but ValveTime was able to save a copy of it. This hasty flamed the rumors more as it made the fans believe that the accidental ?leak? is real.

Other than Left 4 Dead 3, other famous Steam game series have only received a second entry. Portal, Team Fortress, and Half-Life are notable series from Valve that have yet to continue their streak of strong, memorable gameplay on the PC. If Left 4 Dead 3 is proven true, fans will be on the hunt for any hints of other Valve games to receive their awaited third entry.

Portal is a puzzle game series from Valve that involves ripping entry and exit portals on surfaces to help your character traverse the game?s puzzles. Other than being a puzzle title, the game also has a solid story and a memorably mild yet menacing antagonist that threatens to lock your character inside the facility forever. However, Valve may have to think hard on where to place Portal 3?s setting as the previous game ended on a conclusive note.

Other than avoiding franchise fatigue, Valve definitely has a huge chance to snag the attention of the gaming world if they release a third entry of any of these series. Most of their games ended on a good note — counting only the main releases and not the spinoffs.

In the gaming community, it?s common knowledge that fans have been waiting for a third entry of a Valve game to the point that it even evolved into a clich?, predictable, and worn-out jest toward the company. However, Valve may opt to resist all requests of this third entry hype due to the success of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 on the eSports scene as well as the massive amount of customers frequenting their Steam online platform for some digital games. We?ll have to wish hard for Valve to make Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3 and other Valve titles if we really want them.

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