Popular Social Media Question on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Why No Phone Calls?

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A popular question has roamed the world of social media since a story on a missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was reported: why did the passengers on board fail to make phone calls? The question popped out when people recalled the hijacking of United Flight 93 on September 2001. During that time, passengers were able to make two mobile phone calls, while several others used the airphones. If there was a metadata detected from phones on Flight 370, then it could have shed more light on what really happened on the plane.

Plane Too High or Fast to Register with Cell Towers

Telecom experts said that the plane may have been flying too fast or high to register with communication towers. However, a careful analysis of cell phone records of passengers should be completed to know the truth. Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said in a news conference on Monday that they do not have any evidence on any member of any telephone company trying to contact.

Was the plane really too high? The radar analysis showed that the MH370 was flying as high as 45, 000 feet, and as low as 23, 000 feet. Unfortunately, experts say that mobile towers won?t detect mobile phones on the plane even with that low altitude.

Possible to Receive Signal if Flying Over Rural Areas


There were unconfirmed reports on Monday, saying that the plane flew more or less 5, 000 feet over mountainous terrain. IDC Asia Pacific director of telecom research explained that it is technically possible for phones to register with a cell tower if the plane flew over the rural area. This is because cell towers in rural areas are 30 to 45 feet high and usually pointed at an angle to get a wider coverage.

The Agony of Waiting

Families whose loved ones were on the missing MH370 have dreaded every related news reported the past days. The Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed that the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went down in the Indian Ocean. Affected families of passengers will have to wait a day longer because investigators were forced to call off the searching for a day due to stormy weather. Officials said that teams will resume the search on Wednesday if the weather is better.

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