Popular Fighting Series Will Make Its Debut As An Xbox 360 Exclusive

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SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN is set to be released exclusively for the Xbox 360 and will start shipping across North America on March 30th. The series was one of Neo Geo?s flagship franchises and brought many standards to today’s fighting games.  This new version will bring the once 2D fighter to 3D, using today’s technologies. I only pray that the translation stays true to it?s 2D roots. With that being said, The Samurai Showdown series can be dated all the way back to when I first purchased my one thousand dollar Neo Geo AES home console.


The original game was exclusive to the Neo Geo Arcade and AES home console system and was a whopping 118 Megs, nothing on the market could even com close to these sizes and for that matter visual quality. I could go on, and even state that most of the ports released didn?t even have the screen zooming when you got further or closer apart from your opponent. Though if I recall correctly the PS1 had a 3D Samurai Showdown game and also a rare SNK CD version of the Neo Geo Arcade units was out during the early 90?s.

The Press Release:

XSEED Games announced today that SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN has gone gold, and will start shipping across North America on March 30th. Developed by SNK PLAYMORE, SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN will be available exclusively for the Xbox 360? video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, at the suggested retail price of $49.99. More information can be found at the newly launched website at

There you have it folks, Xbox Exclusive and only $49.99, let?s hope the game play is tight and fast.

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