The PopSlate 2 Adds Second Screen to your iPhone

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Imagine having a second screen to your phone that consumes little to no battery life. Have you ever thought of owning a second phone but conveniently carry one device? Then, you are in for a treat. Introducing the latest technology in phone screens: PopSlate 2.

This is the latest in smartphone technology, owning a second screen that actually does things. It is still a kickstarter project though, but at least it is already in the works. It is somehow an iPhone case but it adds a second screen in the back portion of your phone. It features an e-Ink display that resembles that of the Kindle. It is readable even under sunlight and features a high quality display that?s pleasing to the eyes. Not only that, the display doesn?t take much battery life, even though it is always on.

If you aren?t convinced that this is worth your money, as an icing to the cake, it features an expanded battery that will add 9 hours of talk time and 4 hours of web-browsing to your iPhone. That is very convenient! And with the extra screen you won?t have to worry about your original screen, which pretty much takes up most of your battery life.

It adds a small panel at the bottom so you can navigate through the second screen. It is a much simpler screen, which will prove very useful if you only want to access basic things like a clock, news headlines, sports updates, stock quotes, airline reservations, text messages, and social media alerts,


The case is available in two lovely colors-black and white. You can either pick a black case with white text or a white case with black text. It is shown as a $69 dollar value in Kickstarter, which is a great deal since you will save $80 from its regular price. Canadians will be able to get the case for only a $10 shipping fee, while everyone outside Canada will be paying an additional $20.

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