Popcorn Time Finally Comes Back!

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Popcorn Time definitely proved the power of open ? source software with its revival in the Internet. After its untimely and shocking death, this Netflix for pirated content is now back and looks better than ever. Torrent site YTS has taken over the project from GitHub, according to TorrentFreak.

A Quiet Launch that Created an Alarming Noise

Popcorn Time had a quiet launch, but made waves all over the Internet in just a few days. The program was a success. The blog post reads that Popcorn Time was installed worldwide. However, this overnight success encountered a major roadblock that caused its early death. Creators of Popcorn Time said that the program was legal, but the constant throwing of questions about its legality eventually took a toll on them.

When the program was taken down, the website that brags about its movie ? streaming features became just a blog post. The download link was no longer working and most files from GitHub are gone. Fortunately, the Internet was too powerful and nothing in its territory will completely disappear. People were still able to find the installer on several torrent sites, which signalled the possible revival of Popcorn Time.

True enough, the program went back to life two days later.

YTS Brings Life to Popcorn Time

YTS developer Jduncanator said that the website was built on their API, which puts them in a better position from the standpoint of copyrighting. He said that it is a part of their vision to see through these kinds of projects and a little stir will not mean they are shut down. The project files and installer are available on GitHub. It works just like the previous version, available for OS X, Linux and Windows.

The new version uses that now features backdrop images, cover images, runtime data and Synopsis on the movie metadata. The project is being headed by a developer with ample experience on several public builds. What makes the new version of Popcorn Time more interesting than the original is that the new group of developers backed by YTS gathered all the files from the original version after it was shut down. Fans of this overnight ? hit program can now enjoy watching movies online once again.

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