POP! Sound Plus Now Available for The Wii

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Remember the Wii Motion Plus? Now the Wii would also have a POP! Sound Plus device that emulates real sounds when in contact with the target for use such as a variety of sports games. It will also be compatible with Motion Plus for the users that purchased it. So no need in putting that aside just to get real sound coming from your favorite sports game. With the popularity of colored accessories, this will be coming in three colors White, Blue or Pink.


Patent Pending Peripheral Allows Gamers to Feel and HEAR
Every Swing of the Wii Baseball Bat, Tennis Racket or Golf Club

Rosemead, Calif., (February, 2010) ? Nintendo Wii fanatics can finally hear more than just their own grunts as they swing through their favorite sports titles. Hyperkin, an emerging developer of video game accessories, has announced the launch of its patent-pending Sound Plus Sports Kits for Nintendo Wii that are designed with an internal sound device that simulates the noise, or pop, a baseball bat, tennis racket or golf club makes when it makes contact with its target.

The Sound Plus accessories were designed to add a new level of realism and sensory immersion to Wii sports titles. Made from soft, sturdy foam material, the Sound Plus Sports Kits are also Wii Motion Plus compatible.

Product Highlights:

? Built-in Internal Sound Device
? Accurately simulates the sounds of a baseball bat, tennis ball or golf ball being struck
? Motion Plus compatible
? Patent pending technology
? Soft, durable and safe foam design
? Available in White, Blue and Pink
? Available: Now
? Suggested Retail: $19.99

?The Sound Plus was created to add a new level of sensory immersion to the Wii experience,? says Steven Mar, Hyperkin?s Marketing Director. ?Hearing each swing, the simulated sound of contact, adds a whole new level of fun and excitement to playing Wii sports games.?

The launch of the Sound Plus Sports Kits is the latest addition to Hyperkin?s growing offering of innovative, cost-effective peripherals for the video game market.

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