Poll: Comic Con More Important Than Chargers

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People in cosplay for the SDCC in 2012.

Every year, Comic Con San Diego (SDCC) brings hundreds of thousands of geeks to see firsthand the latest announcements of games such as the latest Transformers: Devastation trailer, entertainment such as a new Warcraft movie and the first official Suicide Squad trailer, and the latest reads and updates in the world of comics. It?s such a big event that a recent poll recently showed that San Diegans viewed SDCC more important than the San Diego NFL team Chargers.

The San Diego Union-Tribune did a poll on?San Diegans on whether they viewed the SDCC or the Chargers was more important. A resounding 47% San Diegans said Comic Con More Important than Chargers?while 43% residents chose the Chargers.

More people were in favor of SDCC

Poll shows more people in favor of SDCC

External factors, however affect the poll of San Diego Union-Tribune as?both SDCC and the chargers had planned to leave town. The original contract of SDCC to stay in the country was supposedly until 2016, but an extension moved it to 2018. The Chargers however may leave San Diego as early as 2016 to Los Angeles for the NFL season.

It is however undoubtable that SDCC is a widely successful event as it helps give a big economic boom to the country as it brings thousands of tourists in California.

SDCC Is A Cash Cow

SDCC garners a total attendance of 130,000, the San Diego Convention Center 2014 Forecast Report said. It is also a cash cow as it raked a total of $174 million in 2014. It is also said to be the 3rd largest conference after the Comiket in Japan and the Angouleme in France.

Buying tickets is also a strenuous process, worse, you may have to immediately jump-in to reserve tickets as tickets are not only sold out before the event, available tickets do not last for more than 2 hours. The forecast report said 2011 SDCC tickets were sold out in 2 hours and the following two SDCC sold out in 90 minutes. SDCC 2014 tickets were sold out in 72 minutes.

The 4.5 SDCC also brings in a $178 economical impact.

Prices for each day vary in Comic Con 2015. They sold tickets preview night tickets and the last day ticket for $35. The first three days sells for $50. Kids are free as long as accompanied by adults. Juniors aged 13-17 and Senior Citizens/Military have discounted rates.

Prices for the SDCC this 2015.

Prices for the SDCC this 2015.

Other Conventions

It would be nice to compare SDCC with gaming conventions as both of them target geeks and both events generate high press from the media.

Entertainment Expo (E3) has far less attendees compared to SDCC with ? audiences or 52,000 in 2014. E3 2013 garnered 49,000 attendees. It should be noted however that E3 is not open to the public and is only open to professionals from the interactive entertainment industry.

The 2013 and 2014 Gamescom attracted 340,000 and 335,000 respectively.?The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) had 250,000 attendees in 2014 and 270,000 in 2013.

Comic Con began was started in 1970 by a group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans.

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